My equine has no microchip

If your equine/horse has no Microchip then it can't be found using the National ChipChecker.

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If your equine has no microchip, its records CAN NOT be found by the National ChipChecker. This means that if your equine gets loose or stolen, national enforcement and welfare agencies will not be able to reunite you. It also means that UK Border Agents and Food Standards Agency vets at abattoirs will not necessarily be able to stop it leaving the country or being slaughtered. Finally, anyone being offered your equine will not be able to check if it has been stolen and may purchase it without realising.

Previously, equines born before 30th June 2009 did not have to have a microchip fitted. The law has now changed and all equines, regardless of birth date, must have a microchip fitted. For equines born before 30th June 2009, a time limit applies to have microchipping completed, which varies according to where you live in the UK.

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