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What should I do once I have a microchip inserted in my equine?
What should I do once I have a microchip inserted in my equine?
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Once the Vet has inserted the microchip in your equine get them to record the microchip number in your Passport. This will often include a barcode sticker too that comes with most microchips.

Then it is very important that you contact the Passport Issuing Organisation and notify them of the new microchip number, so they can update their records and also update the Central Equine Database. You may also want to check the National ChipChecker 24 hours after you have notified the PIO to check that the Central Equine Database has been updated. If it hasn’t contact your PIO again.

Please Note: Until the microchip number is recorded on the Central Equine Database, there will be no way for enforcement and/or welfare agencies to identify your animal if it gets loose or stolen and reunite you.

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