It is really important that the information held about you and your equine is accurate and kept up to date on the CED. It is a legal requirement that owners keep their equine passport details up to date.

The CED contains important identification and food chain status information on equines which is used for the protection of both equines and humans. It is therefore important to make sure the information recorded in your equine paper passport and on the CED is correct.

Some owners with up to date paper passports that have registered on the Digital Stable have identified that the information on the CED is incomplete or has errors. You should therefore register to check your records.

The most important information to check is;

  • Are your name and address details correct?

  • Is the name and details of your equine correct?

  • Is the microchip number entered and correct? (It is a legal requirement that all equines in the UK are microchipped and details are recorded on the CED)

  • Is the Food Chain Status correct? (Whether by your choice or because of medication administered to your equine it is important that the CED record states if the equine should or should not be allowed to be in the food chain for human consumption after slaughter).

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