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Claiming your equine's digital passport

How the Digital Stable allows owners to claim their equine's digital passport.

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All of the data on the Central Equine Database (CED) is uploaded by the Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) that either issued or last updated the records in the equine passport.

Owners can check the information held about them and their equines through the Digital Stable and for UK PIO's inform them if this is not accurate. To do this Owners need to register for a Digital Stable account.

How do I find my equines records?

  1. The Digital Stable will automatically check the CED and inform you of any equine passport records that match the name and address you gave on registering for an account.

  2. The Digital Stable will ask you to confirm if you are the legal owner of any equine passport records that match your details. You can either confirm the record is correct or inform us if you no longer own the equine or if it has sadly passed away.

  3. If the system does not match an equine to your personal details you can add an equine manually using the ‘Add Equine’ functionality. There are a number of reasons why this may happen if the equine passport has not been updated with the PIO or if there is a spelling error in the data etc.

  4. Click "Add Equine" which is located at the top right of your Digital Stable account

  5. Enter a Unique Equine Life Number (UELN) or passport number. If you have to use this approach it's likely the equine passport is not recorded in your name, is recorded incorrectly i.e. spelling error in your recorded name or address or it's registered at a previous address

If you have entered a UELN or passport number and can't find your equine, you will need to contact your PIO. How do I find out who my PIO is?

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