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Verifying your identity
Verifying your identity

This article explains why we need to verify your identity before you can create a Digital Stable account and claim your equine

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Why we need to verify your identity and address

We do this to protect you and your equines records. We need to verify your identity before you register on the Digital Stable to protect against the wrongful claim of ownership of equines registered on the Central Equine Database.

What you'll need to verify your identity

You will need one of the following original Identification Documents (ID). (A scan of these documents will not be accepted);

  1. Passport

  2. Driving Licence

  3. National ID Card

Important Notes:

  1. The name on the Identification Document needs to exactly match the name you have used to sign up for the Digital Stable.

  2. You will need the original documents. Scans or photocopies will not work due to the high-resolution verification software.

  3. When taking a photo of your ID document please ensure you capture the complete page. For passports please ensure that this includes the passport number. (see diagram below).

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