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Adding an equine to the Digital Stable
Adding an equine to the Digital Stable

How to add an equine to your Digital Stable if you have its passport

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If you wish to add an equine that you own to your Digital Stable you will need the equine's passport to hand. The Digital Stable registration process will prompt you to enter the equine's details. You must enter the details exactly as they are entered in the passport.

The Digital Stable will use these details to search the equine's records on the Central Equine Database (CED). If the search is successful the equine will appear in your Digital Stable.

From time to time, the Digital Stable may not be able to match the equine to the details you have provided during the sign up process i.e. if your address and or/name differs to that which is stated in the passport.

If you have moved address but not had your equine's passport updated you can still register the equine using your old address. The system will then prompt you to check the equine and your details are correct. You should add your new address when prompted, this information will then be forwarded to the Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) to update their records and the CED.

If you have changed your name you will need to contact the PIO directly as they will want to verify that your name change is not a change of ownership before they can update your passport and the CED. When they have completed this you will be able to add the equine to your Digital Stable.

If you have any other issues when trying to register an equine please contact us at

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