The Digital Stable allows you to see and notify updates to the details that are held about you and your equine on the Central Equine Database (CED)

All data presented to you on Digital Stable is taken from the CED. All data on the CED is provided by one of the UK's equine passport issuing organisations (PIOs)

When you find your equine on the Digital Stable, some of the details may be incorrect

The Digital Stable allows you to notify updates to these details. Once you have made the changes you want to make, they will be sent to the PIO on your behalf. It is your PIO's responsibility to make these changes to their own records, then update the CED. It may therefore take a few days before your changes appear in your Digital Stable

If the changes still do not appear in your Digital Stable after a few days, please contact your PIO. The PIO may charge you for this service

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