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Why has my verification check failed?
Why has my verification check failed?

The different verification statuses, and what to do if your attempt at verifying your identity fails

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Most verifications take a matter of minutes to complete. While verification is in progress, your status is "Pending"

We will automatically notify you when you have been verified
Occasionally, verifications fail. This is usually for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The quality of one or more of the photos is not good enough. Check to make sure that all your photos are in colour, that they are clear with no blurring, that there is no glare on the photo (e.g. from a flash), and that the identity document is shown in full

  • Your document is not a valid identity document. Please check that the document has not expired and that it is a valid driving licence, passport or identity card

  • There are significant differences in your facial appearance between your selfie and the image on your identity document. This might be because the photo on your identification document was taken some years ago and your face has changed

In all these cases, please fix the issue and try again

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