How to Verify Vaccinations with your vet using the Digital Stable 

To enter some events, the organiser requires certain vaccinations to be verified by your vet. Once the vet has verified your vaccinations you'll be able to enter the event.

How to verify your equines vaccinations?

  1. Navigate to your Digital Stable Dashboard by clicking the equine register logo or "Dashboard" 
  2. Choose the equine your want to verofoy vaccinations for and click "Equine Overview"
  3. On the equine overview tab, click "Manage" next to vaccinations
  4. If the vaccination is not showing, click  "Add Vaccination". If the vaccination you're require to be verified is in the list, click the "Verify Vaccination" button next to the vaccination name
  5. Follow the process of selecting which vet practice administered your vaccination and providing supporting evidence from your equine passport (see note below) 

Please note: you'll need to supply evidence from your paper-based equine passport clearly showing the vaccination in your passport. You can do this by taking pictures of it using your mobile phone. The online process will guide you on how to do this. 

If you don't have a smartphone with a camera, you can upload images from your computer.

What happens once I send the request off to the vet?

 The vet practice will receive an email regarding your request. They will need to follow the instructions and review the passport information you have provided to them. They will then either confirm or decline your request. 

You'll receive an email when the vet has approved your request. Assuming the vet approves the request, you'll be able to enter the event that required the vaccination verification. 

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